Large Metal Cartoon Cat Figures Sculpture Outdoor for Sale CSS-344

Item No: CSS-344
The Size: Custom
Surface: Shiny Colorful Polished
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Service 2: Free Customized Service
Service 3: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit, and 70% Balance before Shipping


Cartoon Cat Figures Detail:

Does this leisurely cartoon cat figures sculpture listening to music on the side of the road attract your attention? His surface is very smooth after mirror polishing. When you are in front of it, it could reflect your figure like a mirror. Especially the fat body is more interesting.
marble sculpture, bronze sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture

Advanced Spray Surface Treatment:

Spray plating is a new type of environmentally friendly surface treatment technology. You Fine factory uses this spraying method to spray out the electroplating effect. Therefore, our cartoon cat figures sculptures are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.
marble sculpture, bronze sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture

High-Quality Stainless Steel Materials:

The philosophy of You Fine factory is to provide high-quality stainless steel sculptures. We would never sacrifice the quality of the sculpture to gain profit. Our stainless steel raw materials always use 304 materials. This material has strong ductility, allowing you to fully show the beauty of curves and details.
marble sculpture, bronze sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture

Make a 1:1 Ratio Model:

In order to express all the appearance of the cartoon cat figures sculpture, You Fine factory would make a 1:1 scale model. Therefore, the restoration of our sculptures is very high, and we do not allow any defects in the structure of any sculptures. Obviously, you could see that the overall structure of our sculpture is very scientific and in line with artistic aesthetics.
marble sculpture, bronze sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture

Excellent Designer:

Through our super cute cartoon cat figures sculpture. You could realize that our sculptures have a very strong design beauty and a very wide spread. You Fine factory designers often participate in various sculpture art exhibitions, and they have insights into the fashion trend of today’s stainless steel sculptures. Therefore, You Fine factory sculptures have always been loved by customers.
marble sculpture, bronze sculpture, Stainless Steel Sculpture
If you want to know more about You Fine factory’s stainless steel sculptures, you could contact us at any time.


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