Modern White Large Metal Angel Wings Sculpture for Outdoor

This charming large metal angel wings features a beautiful wing shape that gracefully unfolds its intricate feather-like pattern.

Item No: SSO-11

Material: 316L or 304L Stainless Steel Material

Type: metal wing sculpture

Size: Custom

Service: Customized Service

Advantage: Factory Direct

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Insurance: Cover all the risks

This charming large metal angel wings features a beautiful wing shape that gracefully unfolds its intricate feather-like pattern. The pure white finish reflects light in a mesmerizing dance, casting intricate shadows that add depth and movement to the piece. Carefully crafted by professional artists, every curve and contour is engineered to seamlessly blend smooth movement with architectural precision.


stainless steel wing sculpture (1) 


Artistic Expression and Functionality

Designed to elevate the outdoor space, this large metal angel wings provides a dramatic focal point that harmonizes with its surroundings. Whether decorating a modern patio, lush garden or corporate plaza, it effortlessly blends artistic expression with functionality. Abstract steel sculptures long-lasting stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting beauty and withstands the elements while maintaining a beautiful metallic luster, infusing the environment with the beauty of modern art.


stainless steel wing sculpture (2)


Personalized Customized Service

Experienced artists recognize each client’s unique wishes and provide a personalized, customized service. From adjusting the scale of a large metal angel wings sculpture to fit a specific space, to incorporating subtle design changes that reflect personal preference, each commission is treated as a masterpiece. Work with an artist to create a truly unique piece that resonates with your vision.


metal wings sculpture design (3) metal wings sculpture design (1)


1:1 Restoration of Design Drawings

Behind this stunning sculpture is a team of experienced artists with a deep understanding of form, balance and aesthetics. The artist paid meticulous attention to detail and faithfully restored the original design drawings, ensuring a perfect transformation from concept to reality. Each large metal angel wings sculpture is a testament to the artist’s dedication to his craft, capturing the essence of the design while incorporating his own artistic interpretation.




Enhance your surroundings with this stunning large metal angel wings that will captivate and inspire all who appreciate its elegant form. Enhance your living or work environment with a statement piece that goes beyond mere decoration – you can always contact us for your own personalized metal wings sculpture creation.


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