Maiwand Antique Bronze Lion Statue for Sale

Placing this antique bronze lion statue at your gate entrance will add ambience to your entire house and protect you and your family.

Item No: BAN-014

Material: high-quality bronze material  

Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

This antique bronze lion statue is carefully cast by professional artists using the traditional lost wax method. The lion stands there with great majesty, and people can be shocked by the majesty of the lion.


bronze lion statue (5)


The Maiwand Lion is a sculpture and war memorial in Forbury Gardens, Reading, Berkshire, England. The sculpture took two years to design and complete and is one of the largest cast iron statues in the world. YouFine can scale this bronze lion statue up or down for you, making it suitable for placement in gardens, gate entrances, squares, courtyards and other places.


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Realistic Clay Model

Before officially starting to cast this antique bronze lion statue, YouFine artists will first make a 1:1 clay model of the animal. We have artists who are specialized in casting bronze animal sculptures. They have a deep understanding of the lion’s body structure and living habits, so the clay models carved out are very realistic and lifelike. They even raise animals in factories to get a closer look at their form. A realistic clay model is the prerequisite for a high-quality bronze lion statue for sale, because it determines the appearance and details of the entire sculpture.


bronze lion statue (7) bronze lion statue (8)


Lost Wax Casting

We use the traditional lost wax method to cast this antique bronze lion statue. Each animal sculpture requires at least 33 steps. The artists take every step of the casting process seriously and are committed to providing every customer with high-quality bronze lion statues. YouFine’s factory has professional equipment, experienced artists, and is constantly introducing advanced technique. YouFine has long ago added silica sol technique to the casting process, which is a technique that can effectively avoid white spots or green spots on the antique bronze lion statue.


bronze lion statue (9)


Patina Coloring Technique

We provide color customization services for the antique bronze lion statue and provide long-lasting and natural color through patina coloring technique. Professional coloring artists can customize special colors according to customers’ descriptions, many of which cannot be produced by other factories. The most important thing is that the color tone of bronze lion statue is very light and not easy to fall off, and will become more and more natural as time goes by.


bronze lion statue (10)


As a direct selling factory, YouFine is able to provide you with unparalleled factory prices. In addition, we have produced a product catalog of exquisite bronze lion statues, you can contact us at any time, and professionals will provide you with more detailed information.


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