Large Marble Roman Column Gazebo with Gallery

This is a roman column gazebo with a gallery carved from pure natural marble. The character columns will bring timeless classic beauty to the entire space.

Item No: MGA-004

Material: Natural Marble  

Type: Marble Gazebo

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

This marble roman column gazebo with a gallery is suitable for placement in parks, gardens, manors, villas, lawns, etc., and is suitable for weddings or decorations. The artist designed the marble columns to look like human statues, making the entire gazebo gorgeous and bringing luxurious enjoyment to your space.

We can provide you with a series of customized services, customizing the details, quantity, length of the corridor, design of the pavilion top, etc. of marble pillars according to your preferences.


marble gazebo with gallery (1) marble gazebo with gallery (3) marble gazebo with gallery (2)


Carefully Selected Marble Material

Before carving marble roman column gazebo, YouFine will first select suitable high-quality marble as raw material. A professional team will regularly come to the material yard to select materials suitable for carving outdoor marble gazebo and transport them back to the factory. They are very strict in the selection of materials, and Dora, the leader of YouFine, will come to check from time to time. This marble gazebo with gallery uses white marble from China, which has charming color and solid quality.


marble material


Beautifully Detailed Carvings

The details of YouFine’s marble roman column gazebo stand the test of all, even the very small carving details are taken seriously by the artists. Each person in the team of carving artists has an average of 20 years of carving experience. It’s like God kissed their hands, and the details of marble gazebo for sale carved out are amazing.


marble gazebo with gallery (4)


Professional Installation Guidance

As long as the installation of marble roman column gazebo is strictly carried out, it will be able to withstand wind and rain. YouFine will provide you with professional installation guidance, and provide you with professional installation drawings together with the marble gazebo with gallery. From the moment you contact YouFine, a professional will provide you with one-on-one service throughout the process. In addition to formulating a perfect marble plan, he will also provide you with professional installation guidance to assist you in the installation of marble pavilion.


marble gazebo installation


All YouFine marble roman column gazebo have proven quality. We have created an exquisite product catalog for customers to choose from, please feel free to contact us.


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