Jorge Marin Modern Bronze Wings of the City Sculpture Public Art BOK1-409

Item No: BOK1-409
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Artist Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Jorge Marin Sculpture:

This bronze Jorge Marin sculpture is part of the artist’s series “Wings of the City”. This type of bronze figure sculpture is well known and exhibited in many countries and cities worldwide.
The most distinctive feature of the Jorge Marin sculpture is that many of the figures have angelic figures and finely carved wings. The bird-like masks cover part of the face, giving these modern bronze sculptures a more mysterious feel.
Many of the Jorge Marin sculptures are crouched in a relaxed or alert position on a sphere, looking down on their surroundings.
Jorge Marin Modern Bronze Wings of the City Sculpture Public Art BOK1-409
Jorge Marin sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

Other Famous Jorge Marin Bronze Sculptures:

In addition to the masked bronze angel sculpture, there are also Jorge Marin sculptures of gymnasts, which are usually nude figures wearing masks, with a circular or ring-shaped sphere as an aid in their hands.
In general, Jorge Marin’s modern bronze sculptures usually feature horses, half-horse figures, and acrobats as the main subjects. Elements such as wings, masks, spheres, and balances are also frequently found.
Whatever you want, YouFine could reproduce it for you perfectly.
Jorge-Marin Sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Meaning of Modern Bronze Sculpture:

Jorge Marin sculpture is one of the popular modern sculptural arts, whose works illustrate the life activities of human beings and their bodies.
The main reason for the popularity of these famous bronze sculptures is that they resonate with human society. These modern bronze sculptures are integrated into nature, especially in modern urban environments.
The modern bronze sculpture creates more dialogue between public art and the viewer, allowing the art of sculpture to penetrate into the daily lives of humans.
There is no doubt that good bronze sculpture resonates with the city.
famous bronze sculpture -YouFine Sculpture
modern bronze sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

YouFine Bronze Sculpture Advantages:

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It is worth mentioning that YouFine has cooperated with many famous artists, and we would process excellent bronze sculptures on your behalf.
Wings of the City -YouFine Sculpture
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