Famous Stainless steel Robert Indiana Love Sculpture Replica

  • Product Category: Stainless Steel Sculpture
  • Type: Stainless Steel Sculpture
  • Model Number: CSS-13
  • Material: 304,316 steel
  • Size:  H: 118”or customized
  • Beautiful love letters sculpture, this sculpture can be customized into any size you want! We also have many other popular designs of stainless steel sculpture.
This Robert Indiana love sculpture replica are suitable for any outdoor places, This letter sculptures can be customized into any size you want! We also have many other popular designs of stainless steel sculpture. 
robert indiana love sculpture replica -YouFine Sculpture
robert indiana love letter sculpture replica -YouFine Sculpture

Special Sculpture

As you can see, this Stainless steel Robert Indiana love sculpture replica is very special. The surface of the stainless steel is highly polished and colored, the surface of the Abstract Stainless Sculpture looks very smooth. As the leading supplier and exporter of Robert Indiana love sculpture.
famous love sculptures-YouFine Sculpture

Professional Carving Team

YOU FINE could make robert indiana Love letters sculpture following customers’ pictures, designs, sizes. YOU FINE has professional and experienced stainless steel engraving team, so we could also make customized designs and size. It’s more suitable to decorate the places with modern style, including outdoor garden, plaza, shopping mall and hotel decoration.

custom services-YouFine


Highly Polished

For modern Stainless steel robert indiana Love letters sculpture designs, this step is very important, and it is necessary to turn the sculpture into a piece of art. The team uses a grinding wheel to grind the weld and excess parts, then polish it with a polished cream to make it brighter.

robert indiana letter sculpture replica -YouFine Sculpture


Quality, Value, and Customer Service of The Highest Standard

Here at You Fine, our motto is quality, value, and customer service of the highest standard. Every art has one story, and each product is meticulously created with the highest degree of workmanship paying special attention to detail and design, yet made affordable to general public.

letter sculpture for sale-YouFine



We could accept the customized design and size. Welcome to contact You Fine.





Stainless steel Love letters sculpture

Item NO



  H: 118″ or customized size


306/314 Stainless Steel


Cutting, Welding and Polishing


Inner with air bubble film and blanket, outer with steel stents


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