Famous Custom Bronze Rocky Balboa Statue Memorial

YouFine can customize high-quality bronze rocky balboa statue for fans, providing different sizes and different designs according to the actual placement.

Item No: BOK1-436

Type: Custom bronze sculpture

Technique: Lost Wax Process

Service: Customize Acceptably

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Advantage 1: Factory Direct

Advantage 2: Cover All Insurance

Advantage 3: Door to Door Delivery

YouFine is honored to be able to customize a high-quality bronze rocky balboa statue for every Stallone fan. You can place it in your own garden, courtyard, public square, park, commercial street, movie theater, etc. We will customize different sizes according to the needs of different customers.


rocky balboa statue (4) rocky balboa statue


A huge statue of Philadelphia warrior Rocky Balboa raising his arms in victory from the movie “Rocky III” was unveiled in the courtyard of the Art Museum. The statue was presented to the city of Philadelphia in 1982 by actor Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky in a series of films.


rocky balboa statue (1) rocky balboa statue (2)


An almost constant stream of people come to the base of the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art every day to take photos with the Rocky statue, and visitors often rush up the museum’s grand staircase to attempt the famous two-arm salute. This symbolizes that a loser can become a champion through hard work, determination and hard work.


rocky balboa statue (5)


1:1 Realistic Clay Model

For custom bronze rocky balboa statue, we will first make a one-to-one clay model for you, which is related to the details and lifelikeness of the entire figure sculpture. The artists YouFine cooperates with have an average of 20 years of casting experience and have participated in the production of at least thousands of clay models. Therefore, the clay models we provide you have a realistic appearance, and the artist will continue to adjust them until you are satisfied. This statue was carefully cast by the artist based on the photos and descriptions provided by the customer.


clay modeling


Professional Casting Process

All YouFine bronze rocky balboa statue are cast using the traditional lost wax method. Each custom bronze statue requires at least 33 steps. Our love for sculpture art drives us to provide high-quality bronze sculptures to every customer. Our high professional level is also the basis for us to provide services to you. Within 40 years of experience, YouFine has continuously improved its casting technique. Each bronze statue for sale comes from the artist’s careful attention.


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Advanced Technique Brings Premium Experience

In order to avoid white spots or green spots on bronze statue, we added silica sol technique during the lost wax method; in order to provide long-lasting and natural color, professional coloring artists use patina technique to provide a light and thin tone for your bronze rocky balboa statue with charming color.


casting process


We hope to provide you with a long-lasting bronze commemorative sculpture in your memory. If you have any needs for outdoor custom bronze sculptures, please feel free to contact YouFine and our professionals will provide you with professional services.


bronze-custom-statue (1) bronze-custom-statue (2) 

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