Famous Corten Steel Angel of the North sculpture

The Angel of the North sculpture is a famous landmark in Northern England. YouFine can customize your own replica of the famous sculpture.

Item No: CSS-225

Material: 304/316 Stainless Steel

Surface: Mirror Polished

Service 1: Trade Assurance

Service 2: Customized Service

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service 3: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

The Angel of the North sculpture was completed by British artist Antony Gormley in 1998. It is a giant sculpture located in the north of Newcastle, England. It is located next to the A1 highway in Northern England. Nearly 150,000 tourists come here every year to visit this long sculpture. 54 meters, weighing 200 tons, each of the wings is 50 meters long.

Angel of the North sculpture (1)

The emergence of the Angel of the North sculpture has enabled a small British town that was originally unknown to have a steady stream of tourists visiting here every year, transforming the area into an art and cultural center. This is what large-scale public metal sculptures are for The power of a city. If your space lacks an attractive sculpture, YouFine recommends this customizable corten steel angel sculpture.

Angel of the North sculpture (2)

Why So Many People Choose Corten Steel


Corten steel has a very significant visual expression, with the material’s rust-like appearance changing over time. Corten steel angel sculpture with unique color and texture can better reflect its unique artistic charm, bring an artistic atmosphere to the space and extend the vitality of the site.

Angel of the North sculpture (4)

Secondly, corten steel has strong shaping ability. The rust-like corten steel plate is easier to shape into rich, complex, and changeable shapes, and can maintain excellent integrity. The Angel of the North sculpture made of corten steel has a long service life.

Angel of the North sculpture (3)

Professional Designer Team Supports Custom Design


In order to meet the needs of different customers, YouFine’s professional team of designers will provide customization services for all sculptures. We can enlarge or reduce the Angel of the North sculpture for you in proportion, or if you want to adjust some details of the metal sculpture, The designer team can satisfy you to the maximum extent.

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Large Outdoor Sculpture Installation Experience


YouFine will provide every customer with installation guidance and professional installation drawings. Of course, we also have an experienced installation team who can come to the customer’s city to provide installation services and can solve all challenges encountered during the installation process.

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More popular corten steel sculptures will be provided by YouFine professionals, please feel free to contact us, more surprise discounts are waiting for you.

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