Famous Bronze Eclosion, 2019 Luo Li Rong Statue Replica Wholesale BOK1-196

Item No: BOK1-196
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Figure Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case 


Details of Éclosion,2019

This beautiful bronze Luo Li Rong statue is a piece of famous figure statue, which is well cast by YouFine’s artists. The bronze Éclosion,2019 depicts a girl who are dancing freely and let her body be relaxed extremely. The artworks of Luo Li Rong are so close to the realistic, include many different postures and features. This bronze dancing girl statue wears a white long flowing dress, the long skirt is a little bit transparent so we could vaguely see her tan skin under the cloth. How beautiful the statue is, you could really order one for your house decor. 
Luo Li Rong statue - Factory Supplier

Introduction for Luo Li Rong Statues

Éclosion,2019 statue is all created by the famous artist Luo Li Rong. She is a Chinese modern artist who are now living in Belgium, she began her creation in her early age. Luo Li Rong studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts before, whose female sculptures are now widely recognized internationally. Her art style is mainly inflected by European Renaissance and Baroque artists.
In Luo Li Rong’s works, most of her creations are figurative and real female sculptures. Infused with feminine beauty and strength, these pieces are often seen in beautiful long dresses, graceful figures and flowing hemlines common to the women she creates. We can see the beauty and free spirit of women through these sculptures.
bronze dancing girl statues - Factory Supplier

Realistic Clay Model Making in YouFine

YouFine could cast a perfect replica of Luo Li Rong statue because we have the most professional clay model masters. On the one hand, they are so responsible to their works. Our masters would study and learn the features and theme of the sculpture. Once they handled the essence of it, they would start their creation confidently. On the other hand, these masters in YouFine all have more than 10 years experience and the sculpture art has become a part of their lives. They would treat every clay model with deep affection so we could the realistic model artworks all the time.
Luo Li Rong sculpture for sale - Factory Supplier

More Options for Bronze Female Statues

YouFine is a creative sculpture supplier, our artists and designers are committed to the innovation and development of sculpture designs. Only in this way, could our factory provide the high-quality and newest types of sculptures for our clients. 
If you like the series of bronze female statues, YouFine also has many choices for you, for example, the bronze ballerina sculptures, bronze sitting girls statues, bronze naked girl statues and so on. What’s more, we could also satisfy any of your needs about sculptures you need. Our team believes that we could achieve the perfect collaboration in producing beautiful artworks together.
Éclosion by Luo Li Rong, 2019 - Factory Supplier
YouFine is a reliable sculpture supplier, we would try our best to provide the high-quality sculpture artworks for every customers. YouFine expects for your consultation.
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