Artemis Diana the Huntress Bronze Statue BOK1-412

Item No: BOK1-412
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Greek Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case
This bronze Diana the huntress statue depicts the figure of Artemis Diana. In Greek culture, Diana was depicted as a huntress.
Artemis wears a hunting dress with her hair pinned back, and the Artemis Diana statue has a skirt rolled up for ease of movement, an arrow pouch slung over her shoulder, and a lively deer in her left hand. At the same time, Diana the hunter statue’s hand reaches for the arrow pouch as if she has taken aim at the prey.
Diana the Hunter Bronze Artemis Greek goddess Statue BOK1-412

More Designs of Artemis Greek Goddess Statues:

The Artemis garden statue is one of the most popular Greek sculptures. In addition to the original marble Artemis Greek goddess statue, more and more bronze Diana the huntress statues are being widely reproduced.
YouFine factory has 40 years of experience in casting sculptures and we have made 1:1 replicas of the bronze statue of the goddess Diana for many clients, and YouFine supports customization of the sculpture, including color and design.
YouFine’s patina artists could support all color customization needs, and we believe that our sculptures could satisfy you.
Diana the huntress bronze statue -YouFine Sculpture
Artemis Diana Statue -YouFine Sculpture
Artemis garden statue -YouFine Sculpture
Diana the hunter statue -YouFine Sculpture

Clay Models Guarantee:

The biggest advantage of YouFine is to make a 1:1 clay model as the base for each bronze sculpture. Compared to machine-printed models, clay models have an irreplaceable advantage.
First of all, YouFine’s clay models are sculpted purely by hand, which could meticulously restore every detail and essence of the original work. Secondly, during the process of making clay models, we could send you real-time progress charts. At the same time, if you have any modification comments, we would always make changes according to your comments.
1v1 clay model-YouFine Sculpture

Support Multiple Materials:

YouFine factory is a comprehensive professional sculpture supplier, and almost any material sculpture YouFine could make for you. The original Diana the huntress bronze statue is made of marble, so we have also carved many different shapes of marble Diana the hunter statue.
In addition to the marble Artemis Diana statue, we also have the bronze Artemis sculpture, and if you have any need for an Artemis statue, YouFine could meet it.
Diana the huntress statue -YouFine Sculpture
Artemis Diana Statue -YouFine Sculpture
Artemis Greek goddess statue -YouFine Sculpture
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Contact YouFine for more details consultation, and we believe our Statue of goddess Diana could bring you exquisite art enjoyment and experience.
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