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The Stone Lion Sculpture is a common anti-evil item in traditional Chinese culture. It uses stone as a raw material to sculpt a lion’s image. It is a sculpture with artistic and ornamental value. It is a kind of decoration often used in traditional Chinese architecture. It could be seen on Chinese palaces, temples, stupas, bridges, mansions, gardens, mausoleums and seals. But more often, Shishi refers to a pair of lions placed on the left and right sides of the gate. The shape is not a lion we see now, but a sculpture with Chinese characteristics, we also call it foo dog.


Let me introduce the types of marble foo dog lions:


Beijing Stone Lion Sculpture


Beijing Stone Lion Sculpture:


As the name suggests, the Beijing Lion is the Shishi of Beijing, and it means the Shishi of the Forbidden City of Beijing. The shape of the Beijing lion is generally dignified and atmospheric, it is a symbol of imperial power. The Beijing Lion is a royal beast that guards the palace to ensure the peace of the palace. Because the lion is the king of beasts, it has a strong body, a powerful manganese, and a very imposing figure. The ruler believes that the lion could not only avoid evil, but also bring auspiciousness. The Beijing Lion is a male and female pair.


The lion’s headpiece is mane-shaped, with a bell hanging from the neck, muscular and imposing. A lioness lies supine under the left foot of the lioness, and the right foot of the lioness strokes a hydrangea. The base has voluminous and delicate leaf curls. The Bronze Lion of the Forbidden City has become a model in all traditional lion shapes.


Money Stone Lion Sculpture


Money Stone Lion Sculpture:


The stone lion usually decorates a string of ancient money, so it is called Qianxian, which is a shape among the stone lions in southern China. Money Stone Lion contains the meaning of fortune and treasure, with cute, cute and spiritual style. It is one of the most common stone lion shapes in folk, often placed in front of temples or ancestral halls. Money Stone Lion is generally a male and female couple. Male lions are often decorated with large strings of copper coins, which means to recruit wealth into treasure. The lioness plays with a baby lion, which means that people are thriving.


Hydrangea Stone Lion Sculpture


Hydrangea Stone Lion Sculpture:


We also often call it a lion playing with a ball, and it is also the most common type of stone lion in the south. The shape of the hydrangea stone lion evolved from the traditional Chinese auspicious pattern of double lion playing hydrangea. Legend has it that the lion is the king of beasts, a symbol of power and majesty. Buddhist scripture, lion is highly respected. The lion playing ball is considered to be able to dispel evil spirits, so the shape of the hydrangea stone lion is very popular among people. The shape of a hydrangea stone lion is usually a male and female pair, but the male and female lions are rolling a large hydrangea.


Chaoshan Stone Lion Sculpture


Chaoshan Stone Lion Sculpture:


It is a kind of stone lion craft style spread in Chaoshan area, Guangdong. The Chaoshan lion is like a lion, but not like a lion. It is an exaggerated and beautified artistic image. The Chaoshan stone lion has a wide nose, wide eyes, round heads and feet, and a mane. It is in line with the lion’s ecology and is in harmony with the overall exaggeration. The head is large and small, but because it is very decent, it makes it feel strong and powerful, neat and beautiful, majestic and lively.


Hong Kong Lion Sculpture


Hong Kong Lion Sculpture:


It is an exotic thing that first appeared in front of the Hong Kong Bank, hence its name. This type of stone lion is more realistic, and the shape is similar to the real lion. They are usually male and female, or stand or stand on both sides of the bank door, usually male lions with their mouths open, implying wealth and treasure. The female lion keeps her mouth closed, which means to keep money.


Playing Stone Lion Sculpture


Playing Stone Lion Sculpture:


It is also called a naughty lion, and it is also called a happy lion. Their shapes look happy and they are playing lions.


marble foo dog lion


Folk Stone Lion Sculpture:


The sculptor created it according to his own favorite and his own thoughts. Its shapes are diverse, but they are similar. Each stone lion sculpture has its own characteristics.


We specialize in customizing various natural stone marble foo dog Chinese lion sculptures.

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