Large Brown Metal Bronze Eagle Statue for Garden Decor

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The eagle is a symbol of victory, and the Romans believed that the eagle was “the bird of Jupiter”. The bald eagle with outstretched wings is the national symbol of the United States. The eagle symbolizes strength, bravery and vigor. In the religious consciousness that has gone through thousands of years, the eagle has been covered with a mysterious color, and it is regarded as a divine bird, a sky bird, and a condor. In ancient military affairs, the eagle symbolized the god of war. 

Therefore, bronze eagle statue has become one of the most popular bronze sculptures. People would choose to place it somewhere in the courtyard or indoors, bringing an artistic atmosphere to their home and giving them a sense of power.


bronze eagle (1)


The Beautiful Meaning of the Bronze Eagle

Eagles not only symbolize freedom, strength, bravery and victory, they bring enlightenment to people from their eyes. It wanders from a high altitude to look for and find its prey, and then swoops down at a fast speed to slam the prey in its claws.

The cast bronze eagle sculpture is made in the shape of an eagle spreading its wings, which looks very imposing and gives people a kind of strength. The eagle symbolizes bravery and passionate fighting spirit.

In addition to representing courage and strength, the eagle also has such a beautiful meaning: We often say that the eagle spreads its wings, implying success in career, and the word “great ambitions” is associated with the eagle.


bronze eagle (3)


Everything Is Based on The Needs of Customers

The American client wanted to buy a bronze eagle statue to put in his garden. The requirements for the similarity of the sculpture are relatively high, and he hope the final sculpture is the same as the design drawing.

In the final coloring process, the color where the head and body meet has been revised many times. Artists keep revising and are not satisfied until they are perfect. At the beginning, the eyes of the bronze eagle were not fierce enough, so it was modified many times, just to meet the customers’ expectations of the bronze eagle.

Fortunately, the customer was very satisfied in the end, thinking that the bronze eagle statue made by YouFine fit the image of an eagle in his heart very well.


bronze eagle (2)

(Large Outdoor Bronze Eagle Sculpture Art Decoration for Sale BOKK-601)

YouFine Reports the Progress to Customers Every Week


Clay Model

Each artist YouFine cooperates with has an average of 20 years of casting experience, so the 1:1 clay model produced is very realistic. Every feather of the eagle has clear outlines, and the sharp eyes are even more admirable.


eagle statue clay model eagle clay model



The seamless welding technique adopted by YouFine can maintain the overall aesthetics of the bronze eagle statue.





When coloring, the artists pay great attention to the connection of colors, and the effect after repeated pondering is very natural. In order to show the eagle’s sharp eyes, YouFine’s professional master modify it many times in pursuit of perfection.


coloring process (1) coloring process (2)


Completion Photo


bronze eagle statue (1) bronze eagle statue (2) bronze eagle statue (3)    


Customer’s Feedback

We feel sincerely proud and happy when we receive this customer’s positive feedback email on YouFine’s sculpture. Because this is the belief that YouFine has been adhering to for 40 years—making sculptures that satisfy customers.


bronze eagle feedback


YouFine Welcome Every Customer with Open Arms

As a factory with 40 years of international trade, YouFine has enough experience to provide you with a satisfactory shopping experience. We not only sell bronze sculptures, but also marble sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, iron products and so on. Please feel free to contact YouFine for more information about sculptures and prices.


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