Highly Praise for Bronze Statue from Customers for Horse Head

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We received an email from Mr. Spencer on May 5th, he sent the feedback pictures to us once they open the package of bronze horse head statue



ourdoor bronze horse head sculpture

He is very pleased when receive the bronze Horse Head statue and very satisfied with the quality and perfect color when open it. So he took this picture right now, in the picture, his beautiful wife carry their cute baby beside the head sculpture.

Mr. Spencer ordered the bronze house head statue last year, he ordered it as a trial, after he saw our bronze statue, he was amazing for our works, and he is ready to start the next project with our You Fine team. 

The below is what she wrote for us:
Hope you and family are well.  
In about three weeks from now I should be in a position to confirm the size of the larger horse head statue we will require.  The one you have already done for me was 200cm tall.  I expect the next one will be between 300cm and 400cm tall.  We love the current statue so much that we would like the new one to be an exact replica of it.  
I will contact you in three to four weeks from now.  
We are very honor to work with Mr. Spencer, we think we could do long cooperated business in near future. 

Quality is an eternal theme in the factory, we will provide top quality and better service for all of our clients all the time. Always adhere to high quality, we will never allow the bad quality from “You Fine”. Because the better quality is our main goal for a lifetime.

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