Do You Know What Marble Animal Statues Could Bring Good Luck to Your Home?

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Marble animal sculpture is a kind of plastic arts, it refers to the use of marble to carve out visible and palpable artistic images with a certain space. The images of animals are very rich and numerous, such as lions, unicorns, dragon turtles, cows, horses and other different animal images. The sculpture techniques are realistic and vivid. Nowadays, more and more people like to use animal statues to decorate their living space. The meanings of different statues are also Different. Do you know which marble animal statues can bring good luck to your home?


lion statue


1.Marble Lion Statue

The lion is the king of beasts, and people like to place marble lions to show their noble status. Gatekeeper marble lions in palaces, palaces, government offices, mansions, etc. are often majestic, showing the power and dignity of the owner.

Secondly, the lion is a spiritual beast in people’s minds. Using stone lions to guard the gate can avoid bad luck, drive away evil spirits, bring auspiciousness, and it is a harbinger of happiness and auspiciousness. Therefore, people like to put marble lions at the gate to town houses, avoid evil spirits, and suppress ominous omens.


marble lion (1)

(Check out: Marble Lion Statue MOKK-93)


There are many types of marble lions, which can be classified according to their actions and shapes. There are sleeping lions, walking lions, winged lions, etc. Different marble lions have different meanings, but they can all bring good luck to people.

marble lion (2)


2.Marble Horse Statue

In ancient times, horses often lived and died together with people, sharing weal and woe, and its spirit has always been admired by people. The horse has a vigorous posture and can travel thousands of miles a day. It also implies career, wealth, prosperity, and academic success. The horse symbolizes unrestrained and unrestrained, strong vitality and enthusiasm. This is the most basic and basic symbol of the horse. The extension can symbolize prosperity, prosperity, bravery, and conquest. The Longma spirit is an enterprising and progressive national spirit that has been advocated since ancient times.


marble horse (2)

(Check out: Marble Horse Statue)

As an animal that existed in ancient times, horses have far-reaching meanings. Having a marble horse statue in the home represents the success of the horse, implying that the owner can easily succeed in doing things, and it gives the owner the spirit of wanting to be like a horse, that is, having strength and a stalwart image.


marble horse (1)


3.Marble Tiger Statue

In ancient times, tigers symbolized majesty and were only placed by nobles. Generally, they were placed by rich people in their mansions to ward off evil spirits, and at the same time to show their aristocratic status, and secondly, to show the cultural accomplishment of the owner. Placing copper tiger sculptures at the door is useful for town houses to ward off evil spirits. Among so many marble animal sculptures, the marble tiger can best show the imposing manner of the owner.

Marble tiger statues can be seen in parks, residential areas, villa courtyards, scenic squares and other places. Stone tigers have always been revered by people, and they are also a symbol of justice, invincibility, majesty and domineering.

marble tiger 

(Check out: Marble Tiger Statue)

Placing marble tiger statue at the door has the function of town house to ward off evil spirits. Placing marble tigers at the door can help the family live a healthy life under the protection of tigers, especially marble tigers are also constantly developing and innovating in the sculpture culture for many years.

marble tiger1


4.Marble Elephant Statue

Elephants are a symbol of wisdom, strength and unity. They are social animals, and the social group structure is dominated by mother elephants and young elephants. It represents the unity, harmony and harmony of families, units, groups, parties and society. As we all know, elephants are good at absorbing water. From the perspective of the five elements, water is wealth, and absorbing water means absorbing wealth. Therefore, people like to put a stone elephant at home, one is to show auspiciousness and wealth, and the other is to increase the artistic atmosphere of the family and give people an artistic family atmosphere.


marble elephant

marble elephant1

(Check out: Marble Elephant Statue)


5.Marble Eagle Statue

The image of the eagle is not only the totem and family emblem of many ethnic groups in the north, but also the symbol of the god of war and the symbol of heroes. In folk culture, the eagle is also a popular mascot, known as the “town house eagle”. The marble eagle symbolizes freedom, strength, bravery and victory. 

In ancient Egypt, the seal of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and the logo of the Roman Empire army both used the image of an eagle. Currently, many countries still use the image of an eagle in their national flags or national emblems.


marble eagle (1) 

(Check out: Marble Eagle Statue)


The eagle hovers from a high altitude in search of and finds its prey, and then swoops down at the fastest speed to slam the prey in its claws. Nature always inspires people, and life is the same. Many things and things can also inspire people ideologically.


marble eagle (2)


6.Marble Dog Statue

Dog is the earliest domesticated animal by humans, and its existence and evolution are inextricably linked with the development of human civilization. In the west, people praise it with exquisite works of art, and regard dogs as the most loyal guardians. Therefore, sculptures related to dogs are more and more loved and admired by people. Dogs have a very long history.


marble dog (1) 

(Check out: Marble Dog Statue)

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. Because enough represents loyalty, and the beauty of friendship lies in sincerity. The marble dog statue not only has the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness. At the same time, the marble dog also has the functions of town house, turning feng shui, exorcising evil spirits and avoiding evil spirits. Therefore, it is very auspicious to have a dog statue in your home.


marble dog (2)


7.Marble Kirin Statue

A kind of deity recorded in ancient Chinese books, it is called “four spirits” together with phoenix, turtle and dragon, and is the exclusive mount of gods. The male is called Qi, and the female is called Lin, which is a symbol of auspiciousness, peace and longevity. Kirin is the auspicious animal that the ancient Chinese most hoped to appear. Their appearance represents the happiness of a generation. Therefore, people at that time hoped that the Kirin would always be with them, bring them luck and light, and get rid of bad luck.


.Marble Kirin Statue1 

(Marble Kirin Statue)

When this belief in ancient times was passed down, the auspicious meaning of the Kirin was recognized by the general public and firmly existed in people’s consciousness. The marble Kirin became a symbol of a certain idea, a certain kind of The expression of artistic conception, the display of a certain power, and inspire people’s imagination, guide people’s spirit to match a certain idea, enter a specific state, give people hope, comfort and some power of pursuit, and melt into folk life Among them, it is manifested in all aspects of national culture.


Marble Kirin Statue2


In short, people like to place marble animal statues at home not only because of their exquisite appearance and artist’s superb carving skills, but also because they can bring good luck to themselves and their families. YouFine is a factory engaged in the carving industry with 40 years of international trading experience, able to provide you with high-quality marble animal sculptures. From customization to engraving, and finally to delivery, there are professionals in every link to provide customers with 1-to-1 service. Contact them to have a custom marble animal statue that brings you good luck.


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