6 Reasons to Choose Corten Steel Sculpture to Decorate Your Public Space

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Perhaps you can often see a unique type of landscape metal sculpture in public places. The surface is rusty red, feels very rough and not smooth to the touch, and has a very special texture. This material is corten steel. Corten steel has many advantages. Many artists choose to use it to create sculptures. The artistic sense of corten steel is enough to make people scream. Next, I will introduce you to the 6 major advantages of corten steel sculpture.

corten steel sculpture (2)
Source: Landscape Corten Steel Large Hand Sculpture

What Is Corten Steel?


In 1930, it was discovered that certain steel alloys produce a layer of rust that protects the steel instead of corroding it. This material is Corten steel, which has been used in the United States since 1933 and is now widely used in commercial and landscape sculptures.

Common stainless steel material is not easy to rust on the surface, but corten steel only has surface oxidation that does not penetrate deep into the interior, giving it a rust-like appearance. The protective layer on the surface will slowly grow and regenerate with the weather. As time ages, the historical sense of the site can be traced, the momentary sense of time can be recorded, and the vitality of the site can be extended, so that limited materials can “symbiosis” with each other and reflect a sustainable design concept.

corten steel sculpture (4)
Source: Large Outdoor Corten Steel Sculpture Abstract Garden Art Decoration

Why Corten Steel Sculpture Is Popular?

There are six main reasons why corten steel sculpture is so popular in public spaces.



First of all, since the oxidation on the surface of corten steel will not corrode the interior of the material, the corten steel sculpture will have a long service life even if it is placed in a public space. Unlike the destructive modifications found on most metal materials, this protective layer protects the corten steel sculpture from further corrosion and is able to withstand harsh environments.

(2)Low-maintenance Cost

Likewise, since the surface of corten steel automatically forms a protective layer, it means that little maintenance is required. If the surface of a corten steel sculpture is scratched or damaged, the protective layer will heal itself over time, further reducing the need for maintenance.

(3)Strong Plasticity

Corten steel material has strong plasticity and can be designed into a variety of public sculptures in different styles. It is relatively simple and easy to mold into a shape with rich development and changes, and can maintain an excellent integrity.

(4)Unique Appearance

The protective rust produced by corten steel has a unique reddish-brown appearance that is particularly popular with architects and design engineers. When combined with the creative thinking of artists, it can produce a variety of attractive public landscape sculptures.、


In addition to simple maintenance, the price of corten steel sculpture is relatively lower than sculptures made of other materials, so the overall cost will be relatively low, making it an excellent choice for people who pursue cost-effectiveness.

(6)Environmentally Friendly

Corten steel can be said to be an environmentally friendly material, and its durability reduces the need for frequent replacement and subsequent resource consumption. And the oxide layer on the surface of corten steel eliminates the need for any paint or protective coating.

corten steel sculpture (3)
Source: Famous Corten Steel Angel of the North sculpture

Can I See One Corten Steel Sculpture Project?


YouFine is a factory with 40 years of experience, providing metal sculpture enthusiasts around the world with modern sculptures of different styles and different metal materials, including corten steel sculpture for public space. Shown in the picture is a public sculpture that YouFine previously customized for a customer, showing a lying lady. Customers said they were very satisfied with the entire shopping process. If you want to know more about YouFine’s services, you can contact YouFine at any time.

corten steel sculpture (1)


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