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Marble St. Charbel Statue (3)
Hand Carved Church Marble St. Charbel Statue for Sale CHS-713
The St. Charbel statue for sale has a signature gesture: he raises his right hand and holds a book in...
rape of Proserpina statue (5)
Hand Carved Marble the Rape of Proserpina Statue Replica for Sale MOK1-227
The Rape of Proserpina statue is a large Baroque marble sculpture group created by Italian artist Bernini...
Augustus de Primaporta statue (3)
Famous Marble Augustus of Prima Porta Statue Replica MOKK-615
Augustus of Prima Porta statue is a white marble statue of the first emperor of the Roman Empire, 2.04...
Famous Marble Michelangelo Moses Statue for Sale MOKK-845
The Michelangelo Moses statue is a marble statue with a height of 235 cm. It was created between 1513...
Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victics statue (4)
Life Size Marble Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix Sculpture MOKK-240
Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix is a semi-nude life-size reclining neoclassical portrait sculpture...
dying gaul statue (1)
Famous Marble Dying Gaul Statue Replica for Sale MOK1-008
The Dying Gaul statue is an ancient Roman marble statue. In ancient historical sources, Diodorus of Sicily...
Famous Marble Humanity Against Evil Sculpture Replica for Sale MOK1-226
Humanity Against Evil was created by the sculptor Gaetano Cellini between 1873 and 1937 and is now in...
famous marble statue replica (5)
Famous Apollo and Daphne Statue Replica for Sale MOKK-318
The Apollo and Daphne statue was inspired by the story of stalking and harassment by the sun god Apollo...
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