Outdoor Bronze Lady of Justice Statue for Sale

This is a golden bronze Lady of Justice statue, patina coloring technique will provide long-lasting natural beautiful color.

Item No: BFI–002

Material: high-quality bronze material

Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

This golden bronze Lady of Justice statue arouses admiration from everyone who sees it, and people can’t help but be infected by her aura of justice. YouFine’s artist will cast the iconic elements of the Lady of Justice statue for you: the sword of justice, the blindfold, the scales, and the robe. The presence of Lady Justice can often be seen in law offices, courts, schools, squares and other places.

Lady of Justice statue (5) Lady of Justice statue (4)

The crown of the Lady of Justice statue symbolizes justice and honor, the scale represents fairness, and the sword symbolizes strength and power. Blindfolding her eyes means that she has no desires and is selfless.

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40 Years of Professional Foundry


YouFine has 40 years of casting experience, has advanced equipment, and masters professional casting technique. Each artist has an average of 20 years of casting experience, allowing them to provide customers with bronze sculptures of the highest quality.

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Before casting, professional artists will create realistic 1:1 clay models. During the casting process, YouFine introduces advanced technique and uses silica sol technique to effectively avoid the appearance of white spots or green spots. Secondly, use a silicone model to restore all the details of the sculpture.

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Personalized Color Customization Service


YouFine provides personalized color customization services. Professional artists will design and configure various beautiful and unique colors according to customer needs, which is something that many factories cannot do. The artist will color the bronze sculpture for sale through patina, and the final effect is touching. The tone of the color is light but not easy to fall off, and will become more and more natural as time goes by.

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Undertake Bronze Sculpture Project


With 40 years of bronze casting experience and international trade experience, YouFine has accumulated a large customer base. We are able to provide professional services to customers around the world, undertake large-scale bronze sculpture projects, and provide a perfect shopping experience. The professional installation team can smoothly solve all the challenges encountered during the installation process.

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YouFine is committed to realizing the bronze sculpture vision for every customer. If you have any need for bronze Lady of Justice statue, please feel free to contact YouFine and professionals will provide you with 1-to-1 service.

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