Life Size Custom Made Bronze Abraham Lincoln Statue BOK1-159

Item No: BOK1-159
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Custom Bronze Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Custom Bronze Statue:

This custom bronze Lincoln statue is one of the life-size sculptures that YouFine regularly casts. Within the sculpture family, YouFine has 40 years of experience in casting bronze sculptures. In particular, YouFine is a major leader in custom bronze sculpture.
If you have any custom bronze sculptures you would like to have made, YouFine’s professional designers and bronze casting artists would make your wishes come true.
custom bronze statue -YouFine Factory Supplier

YouFine’s Custom Services.

YouFine specializes in the casting of custom-made sculptures, including various life-size sculptures of famous objects, bronze sculptures of athletes, and replicas of celebrity sculptures.
Or, if you want a custom bronze statue of your family, friends, or important events, YouFine could make a realistic reproduction of your sculpture.
First, YouFine makes a 1:1 clay mold of each sculpture, which is hand-carved to perfectly reproduce the details and essence of the sculpture. Therefore, we could guarantee the maximum level of realism for your custom sculpture.
custom bronze sculpture -YouFine Factory Supplier

Custom Bronze Sculpture Display:

Custom-made sculptures are usually cast in bronze, and YouFine has for years insisted on hand-made clay models as the basis for bronze casting. Hand-carved clay models have an irreplaceable advantage over 3D-printed models.
YouFine has cast many kinds of custom bronze sculptures for customers for decades. Custom sculptures have a strong commemorative meaning and could preserve good memories for a long time.
custom life size statue -YouFine Factory Supplier

Maintenance Advice for Bronze Sculptures:

Many customers are confused about the care of bronze sculptures. Due to the nature of the metal, without proper protection, it is easy to cause rust, fading, or even decay of the bronze sculpture.
The factory would add a coating to seal the surface of the bronze sculpture when it is made to prevent oxidation or fading over the years.
YouFine, as an experienced bronze sculpture supplier, could give comprehensive care advice. YouFine is always available to answer any questions you may have that you do not understand.
custom made sculpture -YouFine Factory Supplier
If you have any questions about custom bronze statues, please feel free to contact YouFine for a consultation. YouFine would use the best service to create the perfect custom bronze sculpture for you.
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