Large Marble Altar Table for Home Catholic Church Supplier CHS-872

This marble altar was carved by YouFine specifically for church and is a large marble altar table that sits within the arch of the icon wall.
Item No: CHS-872
Material: Natural Marble  
Type: Marble Religious Statue
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Marble Altar

This marble altar was created by YouFine specifically for his home and is a large marble altar table that sits within the arch of the icon wall, separating the sacred area from the rest of the room. The main part of the table is a plain white square table with a carved lamb on the front, symbolizing both the faithful and the Church. The top of the altar is richly decorated. First, at the top is a crucifixion scene, with Jesus crucified and accompanied by two believers at his side. This marble altar set plays a variety of roles in the Catholic Church. It is suitable to be placed at home or in a church for the celebration of the sacraments.
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The Value of the Altars

In modern churches, the marble altar is still the place of sacrifice and is mainly used to pay homage to Jesus. The altar has played various roles in the sacraments, including being used as a memorial to the martyrs of the faith. The main altar usually occupies the most prominent position in the church and is distinguished from the rest of the church. 
The marble altar is decorated with candles and a cross, which represents the faithful’s remembrance of Jesus. Typically, during the Eucharist, the main altar becomes the table where the bread and wine are placed for the Eucharistic service celebrated by the priest. And there would also be a Bible on the altar, and a priest would usually be available to give the readings. In short, the marble altar is an indispensable symbol in any kind of church activity.
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Rich Marble Raw Materials

YouFine is a marble sculpture supplier for 39 years, we have always insisted on the innovation and richness of sculpture shape. And the quality of our marble sculptures is very high. On the one hand, this is because YouFine always uses the best marble materials for sculpture. Our factory not only has a long-term cooperation with marble material suppliers, but also an exclusive quarry. YouFine promises to provide you with high-quality marble materials in any material and any color.
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More Options for Marble Altars

YouFine is a professional marble sculpture supplier, and our goal is to have YouFine sculpture artwork all over the world. Therefore, we are always improving the quality and style of our sculptures, trying to bring more options to our customers. On one hand, we have been improving the choice of marble material, including the material and color of marble. You could choose any marble material you like to make a marble altar. 
On the other hand, we have professional designers who are responsible for the design and development of the sculptures, and they would create marble sculptures that meet the needs of customers according to the market demand. It is worth mentioning that you could choose the style and elements of the drawings by yourself, and we could meet your requirements.
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YouFine is a professional marble sculpture supplier, our goal is to provide the best quality sculpture artwork, we hope every customer could feel the charm of sculpture art.
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