I Will Catch You If You Fall Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Replica BOK1-075

Item No: BOK1-075
Material: Polished bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, marble  
Type: Bronze Artist Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture replicas are very popular in 2022. You could find other famous sculptures for sale online in YouFine.
The Lorenzo Quinn series of bronze sculptures is known for its emotional expression of the human form. And this patinated bronze and Carrara sculpture are called I will Catch If You Fall.
lorenzo quinn sculpture for sale -YouFine Factory
I will Catch If You Fall Sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

As the Artist Said:

When all around us seems to be kept in a fragile balance, it’s important to know that if it comes crumbling down, there will be someone to catch our fall.
Artist Lorenzo Quinn was born in Rome and is a contemporary artist and sculptor. In his sculpture works, the element of hand is often used as the main element for creation. Lorenzo Quinn’s sculptures are inspired by real people, often featuring hands or human figures, encouraging the viewer to think more deeply.
I Will Catch You If You Fall Sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Lorenzo Quinn Selected Works:

The monumental sculptures of Lorenzo Quinn sculpture are widely welcomed, and many classic sculpture masterpieces are exhibited worldwide on different themes.
Our well-known works include Give, Unity, Gravity, Harmony, Empowerment, Stop Playing, The Force of Nature II, Love, Laduree, etc.
Famous-Lorenzo-Quinn_Sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

All Materials Are Supported:

YouFine is a real sculpture supplier in China and even the whole world. We have a wide range of sculpture fields, and YouFine could create sculptures in almost all materials for customers. The Lorenzo Quinn sculpture replica has a wider range of materials, including patinated bronze, stainless steel, marble, and Aluminum.
Lorenzo Quinn sculpture Replica-YouFine Sculpture
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