Hand Carved White Marble Column Design for Sale

This is YouFine’s new marble column design for 2023. It is hand-carved by artists with superb carving skills, bringing a magnificent and gorgeous atmosphere to the space.

Model Number: MOK1-162

Product Category: Marble Carving

Type: Marble Columns

Material: Natural Marble

Size: H:2~2.8m or customized

YouFine’s marble column design can meet all your decoration needs, providing different designs according to different needs and different aesthetic preferences. YouFine is your excellent choice. It can be used for indoor load-bearing marble columns, outdoor decorative columns, etc. to add a magnificent atmosphere to your space.

marble column (11) marble column (10)

Rugged Quality Provides Long-lasting Beauty


YouFine’s marble columns are all carved of pure natural grade-A marble and are hand-carved by professional and experienced artists. As a gift from nature, marble has strong hardness and can be used for hundreds of years. Simple maintenance provides long-lasting beauty. YouFine will use centuries-old carving techniques to provide you with the ultimate gorgeous experience.

marble column (5) marble column (6)

Personalized Customized Service


YouFine’s artists will provide you with various marble column designs, including pillar heads, columns and detailed carvings. There are also a variety of colors and sizes of marble pillars to choose from. The artist will design a marble plan that satisfies the customer based on the preferences and actual needs of different customers.

marble column (9) marble column (8)

More Choices of Beautiful Marble Columns


YouFine has produced an exquisite marble column for sale catalog. If you are interested, please feel free to contact YouFine, and professionals will provide you with all the information you want to know.

In addition, we have a large number of marble columns in stock in our factory and can be shipped at any time. They are available for customers who have an urgent construction period or do not want to wait too long.

marble column (1) marble column (2)

Beautiful Feedback from YouFines Clients


This is the real feedback from YouFine customers that the beige marble figure pillars add a beautiful atmosphere to the customer’s home that is about to be renovated.

marble column (3)

YouFine welcomes all customers to choose their favorite marble pillars at any time. The latest marble column designs will be provided by professionals.

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