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Throughout history, horse is our most loyal friend. It has a very important role in promoting human emotions, psychology and even the development of human society. Its unrestrained gallop gives us the power to defeat our enemies and ourselves. Its graceful and supple gives us security and warmth in life. Let’s show the best of the world’s top 10 “horse sculptures“.


1. The most funny horse riding statue of St. Wenceslas in Czech

For nearly 100 years, the statue of St. Wenceslas standing on St. Wenceslas Square in Prague has been the pride of the people of the country. It is to commemorate the first king and patron saint of Bohemia-St. Wenceslas.
down dead horse1
The sacredness of the king does not prevent the Czechs from making fun of it in good faith. Just a few meters away from the statue, there is a statue of St. Wenceslas re-interpreted by Czech sculptor David Serny. In this piece, St. Wenceslas is not a ride. On the horseback of a bronze horse, it rides on the belly of a dead horse with its head hanging down.
down dead horse

2. The most magnificent horseback riding portrait of Genghis Khan in Mongolia

This 40-meter-high, 250-ton stainless steel statue is by far the world’s largest equestrian statue of Genghis Khan, located in Erden County, an hour’s drive from Ulaanbaatar, and was completed in 2008.

The world's largest statue of Genghis Khan

Visitors can take the elevator to the sightseeing platform above the horse’s head and look out at the endless prairie. This statue is part of a proposed theme park in a nomadic style, where visitors can experience the nomadic eating and living habits.
Just 20 years ago, the Mongolian government banned any commemoration of Genghis Khan. However, under the impact of nationalism, portraits of Genghis Khan can now be seen everywhere in Mongolian airports, universities and even vodka bottles.
Genghis Khan in Mongolia

3. The most welcoming statue of the Duke of Wellington, UK

This statue commemorates the first British Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, Arthur Wellesley. It stood on Queen’s Road in Glasgow in 1844. Somehow, in the past 20 years, it has constantly attracted some people’s mischief.
Duke of Wellington1
These late-night good people on the street will sometimes climb up the statue and put a traffic cone on the head of the Duke. Local citizens believe that the road cone can therefore be regarded as an integral part of the statue, or a symbol of Glasgow. But the government does not seem to agree with this statement. Municipal workers will use high-pressure water jets to flush down the road cones, and the police will warn people that spoof statues will be prosecuted. But the public is still deaf to this, and in a certain sense also encourages spoofers.
Duke of Wellington

4. The most modern British “TheKelpies”

This modern sculpture was completed by the Firth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, central Scotland. This pair of horse heads becomes the largest horse head sculpture in the world, named after a superpowered seahorse in Celtic mythology, and the public will be able to walk inside the two horse heads for a visit.
thekelpies thekelpies1

5. The most exquisite Chinese “Ma Ta Fei Yan”(Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow)

Ma Ta Fei Yan is a bronze of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It was unearthed in 1969 at the Leitai Han Tomb in Wuwei City, Gansu Province. It was unearthed from the tomb of Zhang Mou, the military chief who guarded Zhangye in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and his wife’s burial grave. It is now in the Gansu Provincial Museum and has been regarded as a symbol of China’s superb foundry industry since its unearth. In October 1983, “Ma Ta Fei Yan” was determined as a Chinese tourism mark by the National Tourism Administration.
From the mechanical analysis, the horse’s three hoofs are vacated, and only the hoof stepping on the flying swallow is the center of gravity. It is stable and ethereal. It romantically highlights the horse’s vigorous posture and expressive expression. It is both powerful and dynamic Rhythm.


6.The Best Preserved Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius is an ancient Roman equestrian statue on the Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy. It is made of bronze and is 4.24 m high. Although the emperor is mounted, the sculpture otherwise has many similarities to the standing statue of Augustus. The original is now on display in the Capitoline Museums, and the sculpture that now stands in the open air of Piazza del Campidoglio is a replica made in 1981. The statue was created to commemorate Marcus Aurelius’ victory over the Sarmatians, after which he took the name “Sarmatia”.

Equestrian Sculpture of Marcus Aurelius 1 

The statue gives an impression of power and divine majesty: the emperor is larger than life-size and holds out his hand in the gesture that emperors often used when addressing troops. Without weapons or armor, Marcus Aurelius appears to be a peacemaker rather than a military hero, because that’s how he sees himself and his rule.

Equestrian Sculpture of Marcus Aurelius


7.The Most Memorable Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata

Gattamelata Equestrian Statue is an Italian Renaissance sculpture created by Donatello. It was created in 1453[1] and is currently located in Temple Square in Padua, Italy. The work mainly depicts Erasmo da Narni, known as Gattamelata, a mercenary active in the Venetian Republic that ruled Padua at the time. It was the first true equestrian statue of the Italian Renaissance.

Equestrian statue of Gattamelata 

The statue depicts Gattamelata on horseback, wearing armor and holding a baton in his right hand. The horse’s detail is also very rich, with its blood vessels and muscles clearly visible, and his neck tilted slightly to the right, as if looking far away.

Equestrian statue of Gattamelata1


8.The Most Detailed Equestrian Statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni

The Equestrian Statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni is a Renaissance sculpture erected in Piazza San Giovanni Paolo in Venice, Italy, by Andrea del Verrocchio between 1480 and 1488. The statue depicts the mercenary Bartolomeo Colleoni and is 395 centimeters high without the pedestal.

Horse and rider after conservation

The statue depicts the Correoni on horseback, wearing armor and a winged helmet. His right hand is raised high as if commanding, and his left hand grips the reins of the horse. The horse’s detail is also very rich, with veins and muscles clearly visible, and his head turned slightly to the left, as if looking at something in the distance.

Equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni


9.The Most Impressive Technique Statue of Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman is a bronze statue of Peter the Great on Senate Square in St. Petersburg, Russia. This statue was created by the French sculptor Etienne Maurice Falcone in his 18th century. The statue depicts Peter the Great on horseback pointing with his right hand to the Neva, symbolizing his vision of a strong Russia with a strong navy. The details of the horse are also very rich, the blood vessels and muscles are clearly visible, and the left front leg is raised, making it look as if it is moving.

Bronze Horseman 

The base of the statue is Thunderstone, the largest stone humans have ever moved. This stone originally weighed about 1,500 tons, but during transport he was shaved down to 1,250 tons at its current size and weight.

Bronze Horseman1


10.The Most Realistic Statue of Jeanne d’s Arc (Frémiet)

Created by Frémité at the end of the 19th century, this statue is located on Place des Pyramides in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The statue is one of France’s most famous equestrian statues of him and is considered a powerful symbol of France’s national identity. This statue of Joan of Arc in men’s clothing, with its elaborate depictions of her armor and harness, was extremely rare at the time.

Jeanne d’s Arc Jeanne d’s Arc1


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