Top 10 Most Popular Marble Modern Altar Designs for Church

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Marble altars play an important role in churches and are essential items in Catholic churches. The marble pulpit is usually located at the front and center of a church, which is the area of the church where liturgical celebrations take place. It is placed against a wall, facing the congregation. This position symbolizes the direction of the rising sun, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ.

If you are looking for marble modern altar designs for church, then please read this blog and I will recommend ten popular and classic marble altars for you, which may be helpful to your choice.

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10 Popular Marble Modern Altar Designs for Church


1.Custom Marble Rainbow Altar


This is a unique marble altar. The front of the altar is carved with the church’s unique logo. The surface of the altar retains the unique veins of natural marble.

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Source: Custom Hand Carved Marble Pulpits

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2.Egyptian Beige Marble Altar


The combination of beige and white marble is very classic and suitable for many church decoration styles.The surface of the marble altar is carved with reliefs, which are very delicate.

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Source: Beige Marble Church Altar Decor

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3.Cross Marble Altar


A classic altar with marble pillars and a carved cross and wreath on the front. The actual renderings are also very beautiful, integrating with the sacred church.

marble altar design for church (12) marble altar design for church (14)

4.Lamb Relief Marble Altar


The front of the marble altar has a relief of a lamb and a garland. The classic color scheme and appearance design are suitable for churches of various styles.

marble altar design for church (13)

5.The Last Supper


The facade of the marble altar is carved with a classic: The Last Supper. The pillars retain the natural color and veins of the marble, which is very beautiful.

marble altar design for church (18) marble altar design for church

6.Shepherd Marble Altar


Although the marble altar is entirely made of white marble, it has an exquisite relief design: the shepherd Jesus is carved on the front, and flower reliefs are also carved around the altar.

marble altar design for church (11)

7.Marble Altar with Figure Statue


The front of the marble altar is carved with The Last Supper, and the sides are carved with figures. The complex design and simple color scheme fit perfectly.

marble altar design for church (17) marble altar design for church (16)

8.Modern Marble Altar


This is a modern marble altar design that will not go out of style and suitable for many styles of churches.

marble altar design for church (10)
Source: Hand Carved Marble Altar Table

9.Classical Marble Altar


The classical style marble altar design is integrated with the sacred church, giving people a sense of tranquility.

marble altar design for church (9)

10.Simple Marble Altar


This marble altar has almost no intricate design and only the front is carved with the church’s logo, making it suitable for any church.

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Where to Buy a Durable and Fine Marble Altar?


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If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact YouFine and a professional will provide you with one-on-one service.

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