How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor Marble Column Gazebo for Your Garden?

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Marble column gazebos are an excellent choice for garden decoration, but there are indeed many styles. Many factors need to be considered to make a correct decision, otherwise it will cause a waste of manpower, material resources and time. Do you know how to choose a marble column gazebo suitable for your own garden? Reading this article may help you clear your mind and make the right choice.

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Step 1:Size


The first factor to consider when buying a marble column gazebo is of course the size of the gazebo, because it sets the tone of the entire sculpture: the number of columns, the diameter of the gazebo, and the diameter of the hat will all be determined accordingly. Of course, the factor that determines the size of the entire marble gazebo is the amount of space where it will be placed.

A suitable marble column gazebo should blend harmoniously with the garden. Depending on the size of the space you place it in, the size of the gazebo will basically be determined. If you really don’t know how to choose the size according to the garden, find a supplier. Experienced suppliers will make professional recommendations for you.

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Step 2:Purpose


The purpose for which you need a marble column gazebo will also determine your choice. If you want a shelter from the wind and rain, enjoy the coolness, and rest your feet, then I suggest you choose a gazebo hat without hollows. Because hollow hats cannot achieve the above effects.

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Of course, if you simply want to decorate your garden and make your garden more beautiful, you can wear a hat with or without hollows, as long as it is the style you like.

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Step 3: Style


There are also various styles of marble column gazebo. If you don’t know where to choose, you can first consider the following aspects:



The choice of color needs to be based on the decor of your garden and your preferences. If you like an elegant European-style atmosphere, you can consider white or beige. If you like a cool and noble visual experience, you can make the pavilion’s hat a cool tones.

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2.Figure Columns & Ordinary Columns


Pillars are also divided into ordinary pillars or figure pillars. If the pillars of the marble column gazebo are carved into figures, it will make the entire gazebo more exquisite and noble. Of course, the price will be higher. But the beauty this brings to your garden is very distinctive.

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Of course, ordinary columns are also a good choice, and simple and elegant styles are also an excellent choice for decoration.

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3.Round Gazebo & Long Gazebo


The round marble column gazebo is the most common, but here is another option: the long marble column gazebo. But this kind of gazebo requires a larger space, otherwise the small long gazebo will look strange.

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Step 4: Find Professional Suppliers


The last and most important step is to find a reliable supplier. This determines the quality of your marble column gazebo. Here I would like to recommend a direct sales factory with 40 years of international trade experience – YouFine.

About YouFines Marble Column Gazebo


First, YouFine professionals will recommend suitable products based on your preferences and budget, and provide an exquisite product catalog for you to choose from.

Then, after selecting the style, professionals will develop a suitable marble pavilion plan for you, including the diameter of the pavilion, the number of columns, the style of the hat, the price, etc.

In addition, the beams YouFine provides customers are all one-piece and very strong. When shipping, YouFine will provide you with detailed installation instructions, and professionals will answer your questions in detail.

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For more specific information, you can contact YouFine at any time, and someone will provide you with professional one-on-one service.


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