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We do what we promise, keep quality as life.


On 23rd, April 2017, our client Anand visited our factory to check the marble busts he ordered last year.


Mr. Anand asked high quality products and the white marble without any lines and white marble need be very pure. As you know, our stone are natural marble, not man-made marble, so it is very normal if the statue with little veins. Anand was checked his 10 marble busts and he approved 6 pieces, he did not approve the left four.


We told him we would remake four for him. But the time is very limited. We just have 5 days to finish them all because Mr. Anand just stayed Quyang one week, he would left 2 days to check the quality. 


After 4 days, we finish 4 statues and ask Mr. Anand to check, he approve them all. So Mr. Anand chose 20 pieces stocks from our showroom and we send him one 20 foot container at the end of April.


Some Marble Busts we made for Mr. AnandSome Marble Busts we made for Mr. Anand


Keep quality as life

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