Buckingham Palace Square Sculpture – Monument to Queen Victoria

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The Queen Victoria Memorial is a large monument and sculpture complex in London, England, built-in 1911. The base of the monument is made of 2,300 tons of white marble.


Buckingham Palace Square Sculpture - Monument to Queen Victoria


The monument is located in front of Buckingham Palace, at the southwest end of the boulevard. The center of the monument is the main monument, and at the bottom is a large white marble seated statue of Queen Victoria and the statues of the Angels of Justice and Truth. At the top is a gilt statue of the goddess of victory and two attendants. The base around the main monument consists of steps and pools. At the four corners of the pedestal are a group of bronze statues of humans and lions, one of which was donated by the people of New Zealand. The decoration of the entire monument focuses on the nautical theme, echoing the Admiral’s Gate at the other end of the boulevard.


Buckingham Palace Square Sculpture - Monument to Queen Victoria


YouFine specializes in customizing various marble, bronze, and stainless steel sculptures. If you need to customize large-scale sculptures, please contact us. Below, we take a look at this large-scale memorial sculpture group.


01 Worker, Industry, Manufacturing


A symbol of manufacturing holding a hammer and reel.
A symbol of manufacturing holding a hammer and reel.


This is a blacksmith. When the hammer goes down, the sparks are scattered. The apron on the body is anti-Mars. This is a gift from New Zealand. How do you know the bronze sculpture is from New Zealand? The sculpture has the English words “Gift from New Zealand”. In the inscriptions on ancient bronze wares, each character is precious, and each character is precious, subverting a lot of history.


02 Farmer, Agriculture, Harvest


Symbolic agriculture holding sickle and grain, donating to the people of New Zealand


Symbolic agriculture holding sickle and grain, donating to the people of New Zealand.


It’s about farming and harvesting. Short hair, very spirited. Also a “gift from New Zealand”. These two sculptures are facing the gate of Buckingham Palace.


03 Torch, Progress


Holding a torch symbolizes progress.
Holding a torch symbolizes progress.


Prometheus is a myth. The invention of fire-making tools by mankind is real big progress. The 2012 London Paralympic Tinder Relay was held in Trafalgar Square because it was so small. Buckingham Palace Square is a sculpture group.


04 Olive, Branch, Peace


Olive, Branch, Peace bronze statue


Among them is an olive branch that symbolizes peace.


Legend has it that after the flood receded, the land was desolate. The dove released by Noah brought back a green olive branch, indicating that the earth has recovered and everything is at peace. Since then, the olive branch has become a symbol of “peace”, and the dove has become a “messenger of peace”, referred to as the “peace dove”. The emblem of the United Nations is two olive branches holding the earth, representing the fight for world peace.


The four statues are accompanied by lions. The lion is the symbol of Great Britain.


There are also 4 bronze figures in sculptures that are seated.


01 Hand-held ship model, Shipbuilding.


Holding a boat in the arms of life represents sailing, and the United Kingdom is also a former shipbuilding country.


Shipbuilding bronze statue


02 Soldier, Military force, War.


A boy holding a sharp blade represents war, and there are always places on earth that are not peaceful. Hope for world peace.


Soldier, Military force, War Bronze statue


03 Design and Painting


The painter holding the palette, what is he thinking? Just imagine how many colors would be lost in our lives if there were no painters?


Design and Painting Bronze statue


04 Science and Art 


Schoolboy holding compasses and blueprints, representing architecture and design.


Science and Art bronze statue


Bronze relief of Poseidon.
Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology, in charge of the oceans, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, and all marine life. This is Poseidon’s wife, Amphitrite, the sea nymph.


Poseidon patterned water outlet.
Water will spew out of the mouth.


There are 4 wonderful reliefs on the marble fence.

It’s all about the god of the sea.


01 In the middle of the square is the Queen Victoria Memorial.


In the center of the main body of the monument sits Queen Victoria, which facing east is a large white marble statue of her in her later years, wearing a crown, holding a scepter, with a stern face and a majestic manner.


Queen Victoria Memorial


02 But she’s also more of a loving mother, with children snuggling by her side.


Facing the direction of Buckingham Palace is the image of her when she was raising her children, wearing a square scarf, wearing a long robe, a kind face, and being a mother in the world.


Queen Victoria Memorial


03 On the south side is the goddess of truth.


Hold a mirror of nature and look for the scroll of truth. The palm branch held by the child symbolizes welcome and victory.


goddess of truth marble statue


04 On the north side stands the Angel of Justice with a sword.

He holds a sword in his left hand and comforts the girl who asks for help in his right hand, intending to protect the weak. The angels of justice have their eyes closed, and some statues of the angels of justice are blindfolded with cloth, meaning “to see with the mind and not with the eyes”. The little boy holds a scale in his hand, which symbolizes justice and fairness.


Angel of Justice with a sword MARBLE STATUE


05 At the top of the monument is a gilded statue of Victory.


At the top of the monument is the winged goddess of victory, both wearing a crown of thorns, holding palm leaves, and standing on a ball. The one holding the stick at the foot is “courage”, and the one holding the compass is “wisdom”. The goddess flutters her wings. The women holding a compass on both sides of the ball represent wisdom, and the men holding a stick represent courage. On the east and west sides of the base of the golden statue, eagles are looking down on each side, symbolizing the royal family’s hope that the British Empire can take off again.


Victory bronze statue


YouFine specializes in customizing various marble and bronze monumental sculptures. If you need to customize large-scale monumental sculptures or have large-scale sculpture projects to be produced, please contact us.
Please leave a message at the bottom of the website, or send an email to tell me your needs, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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