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Life Size Family Bronze Sculpture for Garden
1. Introduction The picture showing a happiness family in the garden, the father is playing with her...
Woman play cello bronze sculpture
1. Introduction The woman siting on bench and plaing the cello outdoor. The bronze woman statue in...
Bronze Sphinx Sculpture for Decor
1. Introduction The Sphinx is one of the most fascinating mythical creatures. This incredible bronze...
Boy playing harmonica bronze music statue
  1. Introduction The bronze sculpture show a boy are playing harmonica bronze statue. He is enjoying...
Running Man Bronze Sculpture
  1. Introduction The man are running made in bronze material, it’s a very strong man. It...
Strong muscle man bronze statues
1. Introduction The man is very strong, who has much muscle, it’s the symbol of sport man. It...
Lady and kids angel bronze statues
  1. Introduction A bronze lady surrounded by kids angel, and there are also two animal statue,...
Bronze female nude statue
  1. Introduction This Bronze Female Statue is a perfect decorative element for indoor or outdoor. The...
Life Size Napoleon's Bronze Sculpture
  1. Introduction This is a classical sculpture, called Napoleon’s bronze sculpture. This...
Bronze Girl Reading Sculpture with dog statue
  1. Introduction The lovely girl are concentrated on reading book, a small dog surround her. This...
Bronze Yoga Fat Lady Sculpture for Decorative
1. Introduction This is a fat lady practice yoga sculpture, she is fighting with her fat and adhere...
Bronze Cross Sculpture
  1. Introduction This is a cross sculpture made of bronze, customized size is warmly acceptable....
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