Modern Custom Marble Skull Toilet for Sale

The creative marble skull toilet is suitable for decoration projects in homes, hotels and other places, bringing a modern artistic atmosphere to life.

Item Number: MOK1-197

Size: Life Size or customized size

Color: Marble(other available color)

Techniques: Hand carved

Usage: For Art/Collection/Garden/Plaza/yard

Packaging: Standard Export Package

Payment: 30% deposit,70%balance offer finished

This is a skull toilet carved from marble, suitable for homes, hotels, bars, clubs and other places. This is a fun value-add to a peaceful life. The realistic appearance is very suitable for the living environment of young people, which is a great psychological support for customers who like this culture.


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High-quality Marble Material

All YouFine’s marble skull toilet are hand-carved from pure natural grade-A marble, with quality that can be passed down for hundreds of years. A professional team will come to the material yard regularly to select high-quality marble and transport it back to the factory. As a gift from nature, marble is naturally suitable for carving clothes and people’s skin, and can carve amazing lines. As a gift from nature, marble is hard enough, long-lasting and durable.


marble material


One-stop Customized Design

YouFine encourages everyone to express their individuality, and we have a professional team of designers who can satisfy customers’ various whims and help customers realize various beautiful sculpture visions. If you are interested in this marble skull toilet and want to use your own ideas, you can communicate with our artists at any time to make a perfect marble plan for you.


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Rich Category Selection

YouFine has rich experience in undertaking renovation projects and provides customers with the marble statues they need. In addition to this modern marble skull toilet, we also provide marble columns, marble bars, marble planters, marble bathtubs, etc. Each sculpture is hand-carved by professional artists with proven quality and detail.


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If you are interested in this marble skull toilet, please feel free to contact us and professionals will provide you with more detailed information.


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